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Are you looking for the next challenge in your career, improving what you do in your current role, or competing for or simply seeking a promotion?

Do you want to take your business to the next level of competence, productivity and profit?

Do you pine for the day when anxiety and stress give way to a powerful sense of calm and of being in the driver’s seat?

Coaching Services

First and foremost, Chancellor Coaching provides coaching services specifically designed and constructed to meet the needs of today’s professional women and women business entrepreneurs.

Selecting a coach, much like choosing a teacher, mentor, life partner or even a bowling team member, is a very personal and intimate experience. Just as you go shopping at that one grocery store for any number of reasons, e.g., better produce selection, nicer customer service, etc., so too the process by which you select someone to be your coach starts with picking a professional who meets your uncompromising standards. From there, it can be further broken out into the particulars of the coaching relationship. 

Through our one-hour weekly sessions, you can make remarkable and lasting changes, both in your business and in your life, that you may never have even thought of or dreamed possible.

· Coach Donna Chancellor ·

At Chancellor Coaching, we offer two desirable coaching options, each of which contains a sterling variety of interpersonal and experiential components designed to meet and exceed your expectations. These choices are listed below, along with brief descriptions of the coaching encounter offered in each setting. We strongly believe that our services will take your coaching experience and bring it to the next level and beyond when it comes to optimizing your work and life choices.

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help someone else get it first."
-Iylanta Vanzant

One to One Coaching 

Through defining the most specific, time-bound goals, making a plan to achieve them (despite and especially when obstacles arise), and being accountable to your coach every week to taking action, you will be amazed and thrilled when outstanding results begin to unfold. 

one to one coaching

Women Business Entrepreneurs Round Tables

Chancellor Coaching features uniquely formulated, in-person peer advisory groups, available in the Tacoma, Washington area. These gatherings are specifically designed for women business owners who have achieved a certain level of success and who now want to take their business to the next level of productivity and profit.

A group of women at a business meeting

Many of our clients have successfully explored the following scenarios
and have seen dynamic, positive shifts in the way their business or life now operates

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How do you become a more positive agent for change in your business, family or community? Where can your talents and strengths best assist others with whom you live, work or socialize?

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What is your biggest challenge for the remainder of the year? What tools do you possess and which ones will you need to acquire to meet that challenge and take that next step to greater success?

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How can you become a better leader in order to motivate and inspire your employees? How can you apply your unique skill set and bring about true growth for those with whom you work?

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What are you avoiding that you need to acknowledge so that you can address it and move forward? When will you confront and handle this issue by? Who can you rally to your side and who will support you in this process?

How Roundtables Work... 

Each round table meets in-person, two times each month and individual members are from non-competing businesses. During the meeting, Donna personally facilitates a peer advisory process where two women identify and define their challenge(s), and who also listen to other successful women who have met with similar challenges.


This shared experience produces an awareness that often exceeds the limited thinking of each party involved, and frequently leads to quantum shifts in business practice and growth. It is also crucial that each person feel safe and supported in this round table process; as such, please know that, during this process, no one will tell you what you should do, what you have to do, or what you must do.


These sessions are designed to simply elevate the discussion to a level where each participant comes to new and helpful, easy-to-implement solutions of their accord, through vibrant interpersonal engagement. Once the discussion has concluded, each woman who has presented her challenge is then charged with committing to taking specific action by the next meeting. In doing so, our participants have reported successful outcomes more often than would be accomplished when holding oneself accountable to few or no other women.


This form of “group responsibility” is a powerful tool

that all recognize as intrinsic to ongoing growth and success.


Donna has facilitated several groups of this kind in New York City. Each was comprised of twelve successful women entrepreneurs, and the results were striking. Many were able to grow their business, become better leaders, and have the experience of meeting like-minded women, leading to greatly increased camaraderie and the development of lasting, beneficial friendships. 


The one common thread that Donna has heard from CEO’s and entrepreneurs alike is that “It is lonely at the top.” The support and encouragement these women receive from their peers is invaluable, and truly separates the moderately successful crowd from those who are now living their dreams.


Those with an interest in coaching, either via the one-on-one option, the business roundtable model, or a combination of both, can email Donna at (to be determined) for a complimentary session.

"I look forward to helping you see the changes you have wanted for a very long time!"

· Coach Donna Chancellor ·

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