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As you can plainly see, if you fed up with the status quo, and are truly ready for a fundamental and deeply satisfying change, coaching is the vehicle for you. Contact me today, and let’s get started on assisting you in creating a brand-new path in life. I look forward to working with you!

· Coach Donna Chancellor ·

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Business Discussion

Benefits of Coaching

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To get the most out of your coaching process, you have to first understand what exactly is meant by “coaching,” and where it fits into your plan for becoming the best at what you do!

How Does Coaching Work?

What types of clients seek coaching and what kinds of results can they expect?

The International Coach Federation surveyed 210 well-educated coaching clients for demographic data and feedback, and came up with the following answers to that question.

Coach Donna 

Your coach is dedicated to your best outcomes, and will provide a safe, non-judgmental and stimulating environment within which to explore your feelings, uncover roadblocks and keep you on track as you work to steadily improve your life circumstances. This is all accomplished through the coaching conversation, and the results speak for themselves.

Your coach comes prepared with a well-stocked toolkit, and will guide and facilitate your process through the use of personality assessment, value inventories, open-ended questioning, and an exciting exchange of ideas, opinions and novel perspectives that will naturally lead you to discover your hidden talents and strengths. You will finally identify what gets in your way, and will be challenged to reframe negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Shedding that baggage will set you in motion, and offer you the gift of momentum. With these empowering skills in hand, you will finally turn long-hoped for dreams into reality. 

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