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After twenty years of corporate involvement, Donna was drawn toward a higher purpose, and thereafter set out to realize her true passion: coaching those in her charge to set meaningful goals, create effective action plans and achieve outstanding results. She left AT&T, going on to obtain her executive coaching certification through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. 

Almost immediately upon completing this program, she was offered, and accepted, the position of CEO of Merryck and Co., a global coaching company that coaches Fortune 5000 CEO’s and senior executives. After making her mark in this industry, Donna then took her next bold step, creating her own unique coaching and consulting company, Chancellor Coaching, specifically committed to the needs of the modern woman business professional and entrepreneur. 

After graduation Nordstrom took notice of Donna’s abilities, and hired her as a corporate marketing assistant. Donna was promoted several times in seven years, she became the company’s marketing director, where she orchestrated high level philanthropic events, including fundraisers for the San Francisco Opera, the Seattle Art Museum, and a number of children’s non-profit organizations and regional hospitals. Donna is especially proud of her role in creating and executing public relations strategies for Nordstrom's high-fashion retailer’s Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. stores. The strategies secured major coverage in national newspapers and magazines. Donna’s drive, motivation passion and working with other power women in her field resulted in a regionally respected west coast company growing into a national icon.

Donna was recruited by AT&T to oversee their NYC Corporate Affairs department. She was able to focus her energy on philanthropy, deftly negotiating her company’s Olympic sponsorships in Japan and the US. Her outreach efforts in this coveted position enabled her to cultivate working relationships with major influencers, including Gloria Steinem, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

Donna is or has been a board member of:​​
   The Harvard Women’s Leadership Board
   The National Association of Women Business Owners
   The Women’s Presidents Organization
   The Asian American Justice Center
   The Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership              Institute Fellow and Board Member

As a leader and power broker in industries once dominated by men, Donna wears the distinctive hat of one whose efforts, achievements and accomplishments demonstrate the skills, talents and strengths of the feminine ideal. In her spare time, Donna trains for and runs marathons, walks and hikes, cooks for family and friends, and spends hours reveling in and enjoying the visual and musical arts. 

Donna was a noted sorority woman and graduate of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, she was able to get a head start in the working world, providing exceptional customer service as part of the Nordstrom sales force while still a student. She competed in state and regional gymnastics tournaments while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she is a dedicated achiever, and learned the art of self-discipline early on, applying and refining this defining character trait with each passing year and accomplishment.

She lives in Tacoma, Washington.


 · Saleswoman · Marketing Director · Philanthropic Enthusiast ·  Coach ·  

Donna Chancellor

Certified Entrepreneurial

and Executive Coach and Mentor.


(306) 359 · 6202


“Restore connection” is not just for devices it is for people too.
If we cannot disconnect, we cannot lead.

-Arianna Huffington

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