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Chancellor Coaching offers diverse packages unique to each individuals needs. Our packages specialize in helping women identify their passion, overcome challenges and live the most fulfilling life possible. From one session to six months and more, we can guarantee that our coaching will make a drastic difference in your professional and personal life. 


Coaching is the process where motivated individuals can overcome challenges, set goals for a more fulfilling future, and make positive changes through their relationship and conversations they have with their coach. The coach in turn provides a safe and nonjudgmental environment for them to explore their feelings and uncover any roadblocks they may have.


Check out Donna's blogs that reflects women in the workplace, new trends in the female working world and tips on how to succeed in a male dominant environment. As an experienced woman in the workplace, these blogs can help enlighten, inform and answer any questions you may have as a woman succeeding  in your field. 

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." 

-Brene Brown

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Chancellor Coaching is dedicated to supporting professional women and female entrepreneurs in achieving their highest and most satisfying levels of success. Our mission is to enhance your business economic development, further your quest for financial independence, and assist you in becoming strong leaders and influencers.

We strive to facilitate gender equity and thrive on helping our clients evolve into agents for positive change.​





"My best successes came

on the heels of failures" 

-Barbara Corcoran

“I recently went through a divorce, sent a daughter away to college, ended a career, started a new one, and moved to California.  Donna helped me work through each of these major transitions step by step.  She asked the right questions and helped me to make SMART goals (Specific, Manageable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timebound) each week and in 18 months I had created a new fulfilling life as a women entrepreneur and a happy empty nester!”


“Donna provided great coaching to me as a female executive vice president in a male dominated high tech industry.  I was tasked with leading my division to become even more significantly profitable than ever before with less resources.  Donna used her vast experience as an executive in 3 separate Fortune 500 companies to look at what seemed insurmountable.  She challenged me to create a totally different business model, take the necessary risks, provide even stronger leadership to my managers and to ultimately succeed.” 


“I became one of Donna’s Women Entrepreneurial Round Tables in New York City.  12 women entrepreneurs in non-competitive businesses met twice a month and were coached by Donna in a peer advisory group where one member presented a challenge they were having in their business and through the power of shared experience from each individual were able to devise a strategy to address the challenge.  Powerful results came in increased profits, more effective teams, and more happy and productive employees to name a few of the measurable results."


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